What to Expect On Your First Visit

Your first visit is known as a "Day of Discovery".  Your introduction to chiropractic care will consist of a:

  • Complete History and Review of Paperwork

  • Physical Examination

  • Neurological Examination

  • Posture Examination

  • Examination of the Spine and Surrounding Musculature

 After the examination portion with Dr. Renee is completed, you will have a spinal scan done using our CLA Insight technology (for more information on the CLA Insight, see "What's Your Score" below.) to help determine the proper course of correction for your spinal and nervous system dysfunction.  You may be sent for x-rays in order to have a more complete picture.  This will help to give Dr. Renee as much information as possible to be able to develop a care plan that suits each patient individually.

In order to have optimal conditions for your first visit we ask that prior to the first visit (at least 3 hours before)

-Minimize caffeine intake

-Avoid exercise, getting a massage, or getting acupuncture

By adhering to the instructions as best as you can, it helps to ensure that the examination procedures are performed in near optimal conditions.





Your second visit to the office is referred to as a "Report of Findings", where the results from all objective testing will be discussed including x-rays if they were ordered.  From this information, Dr. Renee will discuss a plan of care with you including frequency of visits, length of care plan, and proposed methods of spinal correction.  She will also make exercise or lifestyle recommendations where needed or requested.  Recommendations for care are made based on results from examinations, but patient comfort and preference are always taken into consideration.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible with your care plan, so questions are always welcome and concerns will always be addressed.  After the care plan is discussed, the patient has the opportunity to begin care.

What to Expect On Your Second Visit

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